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Kevlar Camo Waterproof Jeans

Kevlar Camo Waterproof  Jeans
Brand: Highranger
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Kevlar Camo Waterproof Jeans

HighRanger Classic 1.0 Kevlar Camo Waterproof Motorcycle Jeans


If you’re off for a ride and don’t want to mind the weather at all, then the HighRanger waterproof camo jeans are a great purchase for you. The military grade protection that comes from the surprisingly light Kevlar fabrics keeps their wearer safe as they speed along pretty much any terrain in most any circumstances. Good enough for hardcore motorbike enthusiasts, and good enough for casual wear, these comfortable jeans will let you get the most out of your ranging.

The waterproof quality of these jeans makes them a distinct improvement upon the regular camo jeans models, just as their 25% extra Kevlar content puts their brant to the top of the safety clothing lists. While well-made clothing articles made from Kevlar are generally heat resistant, these jeans let you ignore water splashes and rain while being just as comfortable as a regular pair of motorcycle camo jeans.


The comfort comes from the awesome combination of style, cut and resistance. With a tastefully downplayed, yet highly recognizable pattern and a notably practical design, leaning back and enjoying makes you look awesome. The state of the art, resistant and waterproof fibers allow you to dash through the roughest trail ignoring the weather and pretty much any hazards. To top it all off – these waterproof jeans come with extra protection in the knee and hip armor department.


  • 100 % Waterproof
  • Made with DuPont™ knitted Kevlar®.
  • The jeans contain 25% Kevlar more than found in products made by other brands.
  • High quality knee and hip armor for extra protection.
  • The only other material is 100% cotton.
  • The dyes are durable and make the jeans suitable for both cold and warm washing.
  • Loose fitting cut, with a modern styling and a soft feel for extra comfort.
  • It has bold stitching for increased durability.
  • Soft padding insertion pockets at the knees and hips.


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