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Protection of Motorcycle Rider

Posted by in Safety on September 28, 2013 . 0 Comments.

Protection of motorcycle rider is a hot topic because bike is considered to be an unsafe conveyance due to its higher level of exposure and a biker is supposed to be more prone to injuries and sometimes casualties in case of collision on road as compared to any other vehicle e.g. car. There are road safety rules specifically prepared in every country to ensure safety of anybody present on the road whether he is a pedestrian, or motorists. Despite of such safety measures the road accidents occur and may cause the death of several persons at a time. Many countries have tried to make this vehicle safer by constructing the procedures that force a rider on road to wear personal shielding equipment such as protective clothing and helmets.

Protective outfits may contain jackets, gloves, boots, and pants. These specialized suits are made of high strength materials such as leather, nylon, Kevlar and some helmets even contain carbon fiber that is almost 17 times stronger than steel. The toughness of these materials is considerably high to with stand high stress and strain and heavy padding on the elbow, spine and shoulder regions is incorporated to safeguard vital organs of the body in case of crash. Protection of motorcycle rider is also ensured by jackets, boots and gloves that are prepared from Kevlar (material from which bullet proof jackets are made), leather where as high end clothing is made from carbon fiber used at significant areas (as some of gloves include carbon fiber knuckle protection) and such as with in race suits and is targeted for bike enthusiasts specially motorcycle racers who opt the bike racing as profession. The regular usage of motorbike garments make the riders invulnerable to some extent as shown in dirt bike races where motorcyclists continue racing even after crashes.

Boots/Shoes that are specially made for sports riders are enforced by including plastic caps at areas easily prone to damage i.e. toes and ankle. Pants are generally made up of rexine, leather, nylon, or Kevlar to insulate the legs from light bruises or cuts and further protects from severe wounds. Although, protection of motorcycle rider is of serious concern for policy makers and legislators because an accident may cause harm to other people on road but excluding helmets, nothing of these articles are compulsory by law in any state in the United States of America, or in any part of the United Kingdom but are strongly suggested by many of those who ride.

Last update: September 30, 2013


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