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Increasing trend in the usage of motorbike apparels

Posted by in Latest on September 28, 2013 . 0 Comments.

The day by day change in spending behavior of population all over the world has caused different firms to redesign their products but some have immensely benefited from it. Increasing trend in the usage of motorbike apparels is one among benefited and has been prominent due to several reasons. The major reason is the growing awareness about road safety and care of oneself.

Human being has always spent money to reduce uncertainty and become more secure but the expenditure on motorbike garments were never the focus due to high cost, lack of awareness about the specialty features they offer to consumer and some sort of similarity with other leather clothing and jackets available in the market. But the rapid advancement of IT in the last few years and easy access of the internet, TV and social media to a huge percentage of population has helped a lot to shrink the gap and communicated the advantages of motorbike safety gears to the general public and increased the customer base.

The research in textile and garments industry resulted in the introduction of new fibers with great strengths and helped in the production of new materials which has vastly boosted the confidence of customer in racing suits and clothing. Increasing trend in the usage of motorbike apparels has indirectly aided other firms that are concerned with the safety of the people and are promoting ways to reduce casualties on roads.

The customer base has also amplified due to much targeted offering to motorbike enthusiasts such as “Customized design/logo motorbike apparels”, which has introduced a new way for motor bike racing groups/associations, motorbike manufacturing firms to promote their brand in the less expensive way. This customization has also offered the bike riders to show their associations with a certain racing team or specific manufacturer of motorbikes.

The growth in the number of female motorbike owners and offering of new designs, styles and availability in a lot of colors for female bikers has encouraged many females specially girls to adopt these clothing. The partition of target market on the basis of demographics e.g. age, culture, education level has further attracted a lot of young men and women to choose such garments. Movies/Dramas have influenced motorbike enthusiasts to own them for status symbol and most of them opted these safety gears as fashion. Increasing trend in the usage of motorbike apparels has proven to be the paramount for manufactures of motorbikes and improves awareness level about safety of general population.

Last update: October 01, 2013


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