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Golden Rules for Buying Protective Gear

Posted by in Trends on September 28, 2013 . 0 Comments.

If you are an owner of a motorcycle or scooter who loves riding, golden rules for buying protective gear are intended for you. Good safety gear is a necessity for every rider and an investment that seems to be irrationality of someone who ignores to buy it. It could mark the difference between a horrible falls and can result in severe wounds that can stop you from ever riding again. When someone is going to spend his hard earned money on protective motorbike clothing he must ensure that the gear he has selected is going to do its job.  Security is the foremost thing that comes in someone’s mind while bike riding, rider is the most vulnerable while commuting in high speed due to openness of motorbike thus a motorbike enthusiast must know the rubrics that he must keep in mind while buying protective gear.

The protective suite must cover the whole body of the rider, for the reason that it would also prevent the moisture as wet or damp clothes are uncomfortable and disturbing and further protects you from cold and hot winds aside from injury protection. Verify that all your gear fits you accurately so that it will stay in place in case of a crash. Apparels that are too tight will turn out to be uncomfortable and can constrain easy blood flow when you are riding whereas clothes that are too loose can be wobbly and flap, which can be distracting and can cause fatigue. Golden rules for buying protective gear also include to check the seams on the gear you are going to buy. There should be an extra line of stitching and at least one line of obscured stitching on exposed seams.

It is also very much imperative to use impact protectors over your joints. They are the special guards worn inside your gears to absorb and disperse the influence of a direct blow. Choose protectors that are marked CE EN 1621-1. They have been tested by releasing a 5 kilogram weight from 1 meter to mimic the impact of a fall from a motorcycle. Think of a sledgehammer dropping onto your knee: you will undoubtedly sense its impact, but actual fortification can minimize the injury.

Last update: September 28, 2013


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