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Essential Bike Safety Gear Items

Posted by in Safety on September 28, 2013 . 0 Comments.

Every time someone get on the motorcycle for a weekend ride in the mountains. The essential bike safety gear items are indispensable to save him and his skin. The beginners who have recently started bike riding must be aware of the protective gear effectiveness but most of the times lack of money becomes a big hindrance for them to buy all articles of their personal protective equipment. Especially some items are quite expensive for them to afford all at once. Therefore, the familiarity of crucial items to buy at initial stage can prove to be handy for them.


It is a vital part of motorbike protective gear as it, not only protects from head injuries but in many cases it even saves the rider from serious brain injury which can cost the life of rider. The rider must look for four factors while purchasing a helmet for himself i.e. comfort, safety, low noise and fitting. A full face helmet put forwards better security to the face and chin in a crash and contains a visor for eye protection. If someone choose to buy open face helmets he may want to purchase and wear safety glasses, a face-shield or some other form of eye protection.


Jackets, Pants, Riding Suits

Covering the whole body is the best way to go and the main choice depends on the rider himself whether he wants to buy a textile suit or leather suit. The decision is mainly subjected to the riding conditions and intended use. "The Hurt Report" states that covering the body with leather or scratch immune fabrics e.g. Kevlar, Cordura, or ballistic nylon delivers an extraordinary level of damage protection.  Textile suits are preferable in case of price, maintenance and comfort but leather suits offer superior protection. Textile suit is a must have component in the list of essential bike safety gear items.



In an incident of accident, boots are responsible for valuable protection against foot and ankle injuries. They also defend against burns from hot exhaust pipes and impacts from flying road debris. Many experts suggest that the boots you wear should be strong and above ankle-height to offer support and fortification for the ankle area. Preferably they ought to be crafted from good quality leather (at least 2.5mm thick) and should be waterproof too.



The first thing you do in a crash is to protect yourself with your hands, its nature. Regrettably, fingers and wrists are delicate and easily prone to harm, so it doesn’t require much time to cause them a long-term damage. Proper fitting gloves protect hands from blisters, cuts, bruises and abrasions in a crash & would improve your grip on the handlebars. Make sure that gloves you are going to purchase are specifically designed for motorcycling & ensures full control over the vehicle.

The knowledge of these essential bike safety gear items could help someone who wants to be safe while enjoying the feeling of riding in the open air without spending a huge amount of money on complete racing kit.

Last update: September 28, 2013


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