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Posted by in Motorbiking Tips on Sep 28, 2013 .

Motorbike rider who are commuters as well as enthusiasts must have the knowledge of the certain points that they must look for while choosing motorcycle protective garments for themselves. The absence of the protective cage on the motorbike makes the motorcycle rider more vulnerable to injury in the event of an accident as compared to a car or bus driver.

The only barrier between the rough road and skin of the motorcyclist is the clothes that rider is wearing thus they are of excessive importance for the safety of rider. To be assuredly safe and get the best deal there are quite a number of factors in the motorbike clothes that must be...

Posted by in Safety on Sep 28, 2013 .

Protection of motorcycle rider is a hot topic because bike is considered to be an unsafe conveyance due to its higher level of exposure and a biker is supposed to be more prone to injuries and sometimes casualties in case of collision on road as compared to any other vehicle e.g. car. There are road safety rules specifically prepared in every country to ensure safety of anybody present on the road whether he is a pedestrian, or motorists. Despite of such safety measures the road accidents occur and may cause the death of several persons at a time. Many countries have tried to make this vehicle safer by constructing the procedures that...

Posted by in Latest on Sep 28, 2013 .

The day by day change in spending behavior of population all over the world has caused different firms to redesign their products but some have immensely benefited from it. Increasing trend in the usage of motorbike apparels is one among benefited and has been prominent due to several reasons. The major reason is the growing awareness about road safety and care of oneself.

Human being has always spent money to reduce uncertainty and become more secure but the expenditure on motorbike garments were never the focus due to high cost, lack of awareness about the specialty features they offer to consumer and some sort of similarity with...

Posted by in Safety on Sep 28, 2013 .

Every time someone get on the motorcycle for a weekend ride in the mountains. The essential bike safety gear items are indispensable to save him and his skin. The beginners who have recently started bike riding must be aware of the protective gear effectiveness but most of the times lack of money becomes a big hindrance for them to buy all articles of their personal protective equipment. Especially some items are quite expensive for them to afford all at once. Therefore, the familiarity of crucial items to buy at initial stage can prove to be handy for them.


It is a vital part of motorbike protective gear as it, not only...

Posted by in Trends on Sep 28, 2013 .

If you are an owner of a motorcycle or scooter who loves riding, golden rules for buying protective gear are intended for you. Good safety gear is a necessity for every rider and an investment that seems to be irrationality of someone who ignores to buy it. It could mark the difference between a horrible falls and can result in severe wounds that can stop you from ever riding again. When someone is going to spend his hard earned money on protective motorbike clothing he must ensure that the gear he has selected is going to do its job.  Security is the foremost thing that comes in someone’s mind while bike riding, rider is the most...

Posted by in Motorbiking Tips on Sep 28, 2013 .

It’s prospective that many of us are oriented towards freer fitting attires that are comfortable and would keep us cool. However, using of motorbike costumes for fashion indicates the opposite that we are like to use the garments that are perfectly fit. The motorbike garments available today in market are fashionable enough as they were prepared for style icon celebrities; they were not intended to be worn as a fashion statement but actually as protection against injuries and damage to vital body parts. A little leather, which is an essential material for motorbike racing suits and attires, would never harm and with the changing seasons...